The Best Gaming Tablets

There are a large number of gaming lovers out there. There were times when people used to play games only on gaming consoles. But time has changed now. People can play a game on their Smartphones and tablets as well. This is how technology has changed things over the years. Well, some people like to have gaming experience on bigger screens. This is where tablets come into play.

There are a lot of tablets available out there in the market. Every one of them has some unique features. There are some tablets that support high-end games and give you a lag-free experience while playing them. They are heaven for all gaming fans. But, they all come at different prices and have different features other than this. If you are a gaming fan and want a tablet for gameplay, you are in the right place. Here is a list of the best gaming tablets currently available in the market. Let’s have a look at it.

iPad Pro

Apple is known for its quality devices. Every Apple device has some unique and amazing features. Since gameplay is our requirement here, so we will focus on it. The device has an octa-core processor which makes the gameplay even better. Talking about the RAM of the device, it has 4 GB RAM, which is amazing considering the fact that it is a tablet. You can buy electronic devices online using amazon coupons with great deals.

It has an 11-inch display which will give you a mind-blowing gameplay experience. You can enjoy heavy games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile on this device without any lags. It has a battery of 7812 mAh which will help you have an uninterrupted session of gameplay. All in all, it is heaven for all gaming fans. If you are looking for a gaming tablet, this is the one for you. However, you may have to consider your budget as well. It comes at a price of Rs. 71,990. If it comes to your budget, you can definitely go for it. Let’s have a look at some other features of the device.

  • Rear Camera- 12 MP
  • Front Camera- 7 MP
  • Storage- 1 TB
  • Resolution- 1668 x 2388 pixels
  • USB Type-C charging

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung has been doing a fantastic job with its Smartphones over the years. The same is the case with tablets as well. Samsung has launched some mind-blowing tablets in recent years. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the best tablets ever launched by Samsung. It is a full package. Be it gameplay, camera, battery, or the overall performance of the device; the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 can compete with any other tablet out there. Well, our focus here is gameplay, so let’s have a look at its specifications.

Talking about the processor of the device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has an Octa-core processor and a RAM of 6 GB. A 6 GB RAM is enough to provide a lag-free gaming experience. The device is powered by a battery of 7300 mAh and has a 10.5-inch display. All gaming fans will find these specifications interesting, and if we compare it with the iPad Pro, these are some amazing features comparing the price range of both the devices. It is priced at Rs. 62,700, and it is a must-buy device if it comes in your budget.

Let’s have a look at some other features of the device.

  • Rear Camera- 13 MP
  • Front Camera- 8 MP
  • Resolution- 1600 x 2560 pixels
  • 287 ppi density
  • AMOLED HDR Display

iPad Mini

Coming at a much less price of Rs. 34,990, the iPad Mini is one of the best gaming tablets out there. It is packed with some exciting features, and you will have an amazing gameplay experience with the device. Talking about the specs of the device, it has a display of 7.9-inches. With a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, you can enjoy great graphics of the games. Games like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt will run smoothly on this device.

Talking about the RAM of the device, it has a RAM of 3 GB. It is powered by a battery of 5124 mAh which is a bit less than the other devices on this list. But, considering the fact that it is having a bit smaller screen size, the battery gets compensated. It is a steal at such a price for all gaming lovers. Let’s have a look at some other features of the device. You can apply for Software Developer Jobs to know about this field.

  • Rear Camera- 8 MP
  • Front Camera- 7 MP
  • Storage- 256 GB
  • Weight- 300.5 grams
  • OS- iOS

So, these are the best gaming tablets available in the market. All of these are worth purchasing, and you can go with any one of these which comes in your budget. Each of these is unique in its own way and has something to offer. If you are a gaming lover, all these devices are worth a shot.

What are your thoughts on these devices? Share your views in the comment section. Stay tuned for more reviews and tech articles. Don’t forget to subscribe.


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