Computer Applications Definition and Top 5


Computer applications should be called problem solvers because they provide functionality that is not available in the operating system from the beginning. Applications are used for all sorts of purposes, such as image editing, computer games, calculations, etc. These applications can be written in different programming languages and look very different. Depending on the operating system, not every computer application includes a graphical user interface. Some are also controlled only by console commands. As you can see at first glance, the word Application includes the term “App” which is used nowadays for programs on mobile phones.

Top 5 Common Computer Applications:

There are many different programs, which are used in different industries. I will now present the ten most important ones. Maybe you will find the one or the other you are missing or which could be very useful for you.

First place.

Internet Browser:

Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Apple Safari/Opera

There are many different browsers, but they all have one thing in common. There is a search function that enables every user to search for information quickly and specifically. Certain browsers are typical for certain operating systems, but it is also possible to install Chrome on a Mac, for example.

computer applications - spotify

Second place.


Nowadays music is played almost everywhere, whether in the elevator, at the airport or under the shower almost everyone loves music. That’s why Spotify has taken second place, as this application is now simply indispensable. This application is also available on any device, mobile phone, computer and tablet.

computer applications - libre office

Third place.

Libre Office:

This program is a free alternative to the Microsoft Office package and a very powerful tool. This computer application makes it very easy to perform spreadsheets or write long texts. In addition, nowadays the presentation function is also very much used since these belong especially in the school and working life.

Fourth place.

VLC Media Player:

This application is simply the perfect tool to play any kind of video material. The pre-installed video players of the operating systems Windows and OSX are outdated and not as stable as this program.

Fifth place.

computer applications - team viewer


Anyone who has ever had a problem with a computer and had it solved remotely must have this program installed on their computer. It allows the user to control his computer from another person on the globe. This is primarily the number one solution for any type of support.


Computer applications are very often used in companies and public authorities. There are companies that are only designed to produce individual software solutions for other companies.

Of course, applications are also integrated into the private everyday use, as for example with the application Spotify described above.


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