Mehndi event photography

Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, is the paste associated with supportive spirits and great fortune. Indian and Pakistani wedding tradition calls for the Mehndi ceremony to be taken that night before the marriage as a means of wishing the bride better health and prosperity as she does her travel on to the marriage. The Mehndi Ceremony is organized by the bride’s family bringing together the female component of each line. While Mehndi is primarily for females, male relations are invited to join in on this occasion that gets after this Bride has finished her henna. The core importance of using Mehndi is to use its physical medicinal herbal remedies, cooling the body and alleviating the Bride of any tension before her big time. Henna is used to both the hands and those feet as the way of cooling the nerve-endings of the body, keeping the hearts from tensing up.  The team of highly skilled photographers and videographers of Pakistani wedding photography or Indian wedding photography do weddings go to life. This content is unlike any other and no wedding time is complete without having Photography confirm the memories are caught in a productive and beautiful manner. The photographer captures photos of the bride and her friends which set with the bride. In this event both families enjoy and girls paste mehndi on their hand, In India, they also organize sangeet where girls dance with loud music. In the sangeet event, both families of bird and groom play a game of antakshari, In this game, one member of a family gives a word to another family then they sing a song on this word if they don’t now the then they lose.

Mehndi event in New York:

 Pakistani and Indian people who live in New York City also celebrates Mehndi ceremony as desi people celebrate mehndi ceremony in their own country. At past times there are many problems that have to face people who live in New York City in terms of cultural arrangements, desi foods, etc., but now as time passes on things get easier. Now there are many organizations are available that are working and arrange the events as per the client requirements. Every cultural arrangement and foods is available there. Basically mehndi ceremony is celebrated by the bridal girl family in which mostly girls wear green and yellow dresses as well as green and yellow bangles this ceremony to be held the last night  before the wedding day in which  the well-wishers of the bridal girl they pray for her because  she starts her life as a new journey with her partner as a couple and her family members pray for her that she starts own life with happiness, good health, etc.Now the New York desi citizens also celebrate mehndi ceremony according to them traditions, they also invite their nearest family members and do dinner with their guests and enjoy with them in the same manner desi people celebrate.

Bride and Groom Photography:

At the end of the wedding or other occasion of wedding, photographer capture photos of bride and groom, nowadays every couple have knowledge that how to pose and what kind of pose suite on both.

October 25, 2019

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