The Future in Technology

Technology is basically a word used to describe numerous terms. Technology is sometimes considered as the origin of knowledge and innovation. Technology is also used as a processing action to create tools and different materials. Technology is a multi-meaning word and everyone perceive it as their perception capacity. In a simpler form technology is what that makes our lives easy and comfortable than in past.

  • In some settings people get confused between science and technology, they cannot understand the difference between them both. Though technology is a wider term, it is an application of science not similar or interchangeably science. Both science and technology work hand-in-hand to make our life easier and luxurious. Technology is present in almost every task. Technology is used at work, we use technology in business, communication, securing our useful data or information and in the industry as well. Technology is useful and beneficial for humans since its evolution. To stay competitive in this rapidly growing world the use of technology is increased day-to-day and spread its branches everywhere.
  • Like our demands and interest’s technology is advancing and keep on improving continuously. The world has covered the distance from industrial to the information age. This distance changes our lives completely and brings us in a whole new era.
  • Technology a transfer is happening every minute and second. A few years ago, life expectancy rate was just 35 years, most of the people live below the poverty line and 80% of the world’s population was illiterate. But the shift in technology changes the whole infrastructure, now people can live for more than 70 years, the poverty rate is decreased due to the industrialization occurs, and most of the people get higher education. Technology proves as the most beneficial and improves welfare chances for human beings.

Future Technology

There are numerous technological improvements expected in coming future? These improvements continuously transform the world from good to better. Scientists and researchers adopt a humble attitude towards future technological assumptions. They assume that;

·         The first assumption about the future is that people will conscious about digital surroundings and will do more efforts for data storage strategies and for retrievals.

·         Schools and management institutions will seek for extra fast services

·         Focus on intellectual rights will maximize in educational institutions

·         Free access to information technology will be promoted

·         Privacy issues will increase

·         The invention and production of self-driven cars will increase

·         Scientists and engineer’s work to introduce cost-effective and energy-efficient cleaning tools

·         The use of solar energy than fossil fuels

·         Increase in use of Virtual reality and augmented reality as well

Here are a few technologies expected in coming future, that revolutionizes the world once again;

1.    Self-Driving Cars

In most driving conditions, self-driven cars are more efficient and safer than human drivers. According to the current road accident surveys, human-driven cars cause more accidents due to the lake of experience and sometimes the external conditions. Self-driven cars solve this problem and prove to be safer. Scientists claim that as like in the 20th century when cars revolutionize the world, self-driven cars will open up the door for safety. World health organization’s claim that cars are the reason for occurring death of teenagers and adults. Self –driven cars will same as we imagine or see in cartoons. Self-driven cars will communicate with each other that will reduce accidents. These cars will also reduce the need for a place to park. Self-driven cars will save your time to spend on other work or at home.

2.    Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is what plays a vital role in making our lives beautiful than a few decades ago. A few years ago, due to the artificial intelligence computer beats the human. Artificial intelligence claims to make human’s life more productive and easy then in past. Today we see people working from home as web developers, social media marketers, image creators and much more. Artificial intelligence emerges in almost every field of life, for example, photography, business, industry, Banks (Artificial Intelligence helps people to make money online) and Google websites are one of the best examples of artificial intelligence.

3.    Pocket Supercomputers

In the coming future, people are capable of enclosing world in their pockets. Scientists claim that the manufacturing of smartphones is planned to transfer in a smaller size. Internet-connected mobiles allow its users to access anything from anywhere like make money online from their comfort zone. Pocket supercomputers enable more access to information. Also these computers easy to carry and manageable.

4.    Better Food Access

In the future, we expect more nutritionist and healthy food through scientific research. Now, we face food shortage due to our methods of farming and cultivation. But technological development brings many techniques to build new cultivation methods that enable us to get healthy food again. In this field, indoor farming is an appreciating effort took by the efforts and awareness strategies of scientists. This technique requires less land and water than that of traditional outdoor farming.

5.    Virtual Reality

People think that virtual reality and augmented reality is just used in games but by the coming time, this will use for almost all the activities. Now, currently, we are capable to use virtual reality for displaying 3D objects.  Virtual reality is also contributing to brings your friends closer to you from across the world. Through virtual reality, you can talk about medical consultants. We have experienced virtual reality from the 20th century but many known companies like Facebook, Apple and Google invest their efforts as well as money to raise the trend of virtual reality and make it more comfortable and convenient.

So, the truth right now is that we are moving in future rapidly and accept these five there are millions of technologies will have explored in future that will wonder our lives with comfortability and consolation.


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