Earn $100 Per Day on Youtube Without Making Videos

Have You Ever Thought Earning Money from Youtube without even making videos? I know You haven’t because it seems impossible but it is true.

All you need to do is to download the video that already exists on Youtube and republish it.

But, Make sure you read the full post because you might download any video and reupload it, then you will get copyright.

There’s one different method which you need to follow to not violate Youtube’s policy.

The most important part of This is that how anyone anywhere even if you have zero experience and zero subscribers can start making money today on YouTube without making any videos yourself.

I promise you this is gonna be a good one

Many people are making way more than $100 per day literally making videos on YouTubewithout doing any of the recordings yourself you don’t have to be on camera you literally don’t have to do anything all you have to do is remake videos that you’re allowed to use right this is 100% legit I did all the research.

There’s something called Creative Commons that we’re gonna show you and talk about a little bit later in this post.

I’m gonna tell you guys how you can start making a ton of money from YouTube literally just reuploading videos that are already on YouTube because I know a lot of people don’t have cameras a lot of people don’t want to get in front of a camera but anyone anywhere with zero subscribers can start to do this and start to make a ton of money doing it.

Most people think that you’re not allowed to just reuse you know YouTube content and other people’s content that they upload on youtube people think that there are copyrights people think that they’re not allowed to reuse that and a lot of times that is true.

but not always there’s something called creative commons that can make you do so.

What are Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is it allows anyone anywhere to reuse the video content that people upload to YouTube if they mark it as Creative Commons

and the cool thing is it’s very easy to figure out what are creative commons and what is not creative commons if you the know-how

but as warning guys do not skip any part of this post because there’s one critical thing that you have to know to be able to make this work and I know some people are gonna skip parts of the

There’s one critical mistake that a lot of beginners make and if you don’t make that mistake then you can go on to start making a ton of money

Now you’ll be thinking how do I figure out which of the videos I can use and then how do I make money doing it well that’s

There are many videos out there on Youtube with Creative Commons license, for this you only need to go to youtube search, type in a keyword, search it and then click on the filters option, and select creative commons or CC.

Every time you do a new search you want to make sure that Creative Common is on because sometimes it turns itself off but you can see that it’s obviously on right here.

Every single one of the videos that appear in the result after filtering CC is free to use right so you can download this exact video with


Use a free editing software like iMovie like a ton of different editing software and you can reapply the same video with a different thumbnail and a different title right all you need is an eye-catching thumbnail and a well-organized title

Tip 2.

Use the current year going on in the title

People always want to see the most recent actual thing that they’re looking for on YouTube.

Most profitable niches and topics to do this for right

I like making top 10 compilations or top 3 top 5 for anything but there are a few actual categories where you are going to make the most money and if

you’re saying to me but I have zero subscribers, I’m just starting how do I actually make this work every a single one of these people who does this right when you look on YouTube start to think about it these people are uploading these top 5 and top tens not because they love doing it they’re doing it because YouTube is paying them.

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this and all you have to do is get one video that goes viral with the YouTube algorithm right.

It actually takes a couple of hours they downloaded different videos from around YouTube and they just created a compilation a top 10 they reloaded it added a cool thumbnail added a cool title and they were on their way.

but what are the best niches and topics to do this for it because if you choose the wrong topics no one’s gonna watch it and if no one watches it you’re not gonna make any money so let’s talk about what the actual best topics are to do these compilations for?

What actually are my favorite things to make these compilations about realistically the best things that people are constantly watching every single day are Fitness right people love consumer see theories like if we type in conspiracy we can see you know five hundred and ninety forty-nine thousand eight hundred and forty-one thousand two point four million right lots of different actual videos here fifteen million.

Top ten conspiracy theories of all time, People love watching this stuff it’s the strangest thing but they do right people love watching sports highlights so if you go into here like the top ten sports.

I love recent news right if things go viral gaming is probably the number one thing that people are watching videos on youtube

So if you type in gaming here you know you can also type in like popular games like fortnight for example and you can also, use things that Google and YouTube tell you are popular so we can see right here that there’s actually a youtube trending and to find this all I did was Google search YouTube trending

I mean you can see YouTube trending literally for gaming and you know what people are actually watching right two million views in 19 hours 1.1 billion million views in 20 hours like literally you can see these things that people are watching and then you can literally remake ones of videos without making any videos yourself just with compilations and reposting videos that have creative commons and allow you to do it right.

This is not shady at all you’re not going to get shut down

YouTube is 100% okay with this

All you have to do is make sure that they’re creative common so that you can reuse the footage.

SO, In this way, you can start earning money from Youtube without making videos. Many people have already started this but it is not too late now to start.

November 1, 2019


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