New Karaoke Technology That Will Change The Way You Sing

It’s not news that Karaoke is a well-loved activity for most families and a group of friends. The fun, the music, and the pleasure you get singing your hearts out are genuinely valuable. No wonder that what was once used in public houses, Karaoke innovated in a variety of ways to change the way you sing. Here are some of the new Karaoke technology that you should never dare to miss!


#1 Karaoke In Greater Heights

Take your singing prowess into greater heights (literally.) If you are fond of riding the Ferris wheel and enjoy singing, why not do it at the same time? Visit Japan and experience the world’s first karaoke Ferris wheel.

As it goes around for 15 minutes, you can choose from different hits and classics and belt out your selected song. Moreover, get to the picturesque Japanese capital, while singing your hearts from up above! 


#2 Turn Your Automobile Into A Karaoke Parlor

Does your partner or kids love to sing their hearts out during your road trips? You can now give them memorable singing sessions and keep them occupied along the way as you can now turn your car into a karaoke parlor in a breeze!

A new Karaoke system is built to sync with your navigation system and rear-seat monitor to produce an instant traveling karaoke box. Through an app, you can download karaoke music and lyrics and play it over the car’s speakers. Then, the corresponding words creep across your overhead monitor. You can now pass the time in the car with your favorite song and tunes.


#3 Sing Like A Pro

If you’re not blessed with an angelic voice and tend to be a watcher during Karaoke nights out, it’s your time to shine. Karaoke systems now feature a pitch-correction technology that will make up for or mask the shortfalls in your tonal efficiency. You can easily enhance your voice and make it sound better. 

Most of these systems have different vocal effect presets typically used by professional singers in studios. The technology works in real-time and would incorporate effects such as delay and reverb to your singing voice. You can now sing like a star as it will keep you flawlessly in key with any of your favorite songs.


#4 Make Fun With Effects

Are you stuck in the middle of the Karaoke night and feel like everyone’s energy is starting to dwindle? Bring fun into the party by using a new technology that would allow you to play with different effects. You can now transform your voice with just a few clicks!

Sound like a robot, a rabbit, or the opposite gender while singing your favorite song. Everyone will surely be in stitches and hilarious standstill. If those effects don’t satisfy you yet, you can also modify your voice into an instrument. Sound like a keyboard or a guitar and go for utmost glee!


#5 Voice-Activated Karaoke

Singing takes a lot of your energy, especially if you dare to pick those high-pitched and fast-paced songs to impress the crowd. With that, it may be hard to stand up or find that elusive remote to queue up your next hit. Thankfully, innovation in Karaoke systems now allows you to sing your much-loved songs conveniently.

Through the new Voice Command feature, you can now search, reserve, and play your selected tunes using your own the sound of your voice. Searching and typing tasks are no longer required. Simply speak into the mic and continue singing along with your friends and family!


#6 Karaoke On The Go

Karaoke usually involves being with your friend, booking a room at your favorite karaoke bar, and having fun throughout the night. Nowadays, you can now unleash the inner diva in your anywhere and anytime you want. Several Karaoke apps are available for you to download and offer you exceptional singing experience in the comfort of your home. 

What’s great about these apps is that it employs different new sprouting technology in real-time. You can smoothly sing your favorite songs with pitch-correction technology. Then, save your track and add effects or filters to make it more seamless and professional. You can share the video with your friends, on your newsfeeds, and in private messages.

Moreover, if you want to make friends, these apps allow you to engage with people from various parts of the world and make memorable duets. Lastly, some apps also allow recording your singing score. You will now have a goal to beat and make your Karaoke singing more challenging and fun.


Wrapping Up

Karaoke has been our source of entertainment in the past few decades and will remain to stay to give us sheer pleasure with our friends and family. Make sure to download the app for your personal needs or get a Karaoke system for your home to get a memorable singing experience. Visit Karaoke Bonanza to get valuable information on the best karaoke machine and equipment you’ll need.

November 8, 2019

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