Certainly, everyone is thrilled with the idea of having flying taxis in the sky, but have you for once asked yourself if this is something that can be achievable? Is the idea of a flying taxi possible? The aim of this article is to determine if the flying taxi concept is impossible or can indeed be actualized.

The idea of a hovering taxi that helps you beat traffic and takes you to your destination in no time is a cool one, but how possible is this? Well, according to a few kinds of research, to an extent, it is quite possible. There is a current breakthrough by a company residing in the United Kingdom, this company which has constructed and flown a fully electric and vertical takeoff and landing has displayed to us that the flying taxi idea is one that can become a reality if efforts and adequate resources are invested in the project.

Uber, which is a transport company also harbor certain plans to take its impressive services to the skies with a new fleet of flying taxis. According to some experts, the plan to introduce these flying taxis within the space of three or four years is an achievable one, if not necessarily pocket-friendly.

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There are several reasons as to why the flying taxi concept isn’t impossible.  For instance, in the year June 2008, the UK’s Vertical Aerospace recently finished a test flight for its crewless prototype after being given the go-ahead by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country. The VTOL aircraft, which has an overall weight of 750kg, was designed, constructed, and flown in around 13 months. Aside from transport giants Uber and the UK’s Vertical Aerospace, there are other companies who have carried out a test flight on air taxis. Countries like Japan, the United States, Dubai, among other developed countries, have successfully carried out tests on crewless air taxis.

According to a certain automotive expert, the flying taxi idea is technologically possible, and we are all likely to see the first flying taxi come 2023. If you have viewed the prominent movies “Blade Runner 2049” then you should have a clearer picture of what these flying taxis would look like. The flying taxis of the future might take off and land vertically and could initially be driven by humans before an unmanned version is introduced.

However, though the flying taxi idea may seem achievable, it will certainly come with some issues such as affordability and congestion of the sky.  Since the flying taxis would cost a huge sum of money to make, including other fees associated with settling the necessary agencies that are in charge of giving the go-ahead, utilizing the services of this taxi will certainly be quite expensive.

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Uber has shown sheer determination in making this project a reality. The transport giants at its yearly Uber Elevate Summit in May 2018, gave out new details concerning its network of electrically powered flying taxis. Individuals who want to use these taxis would simply open an application, click on a button and get on an elevator to the closest terminal which can also be referred to as a veriport. At the veriport, an UberAIr would be stationed to take them to their destination.

In a nutshell, the flying taxi idea is very possible even if most of us might end up not using it due to how expensive it will be. In the coming years, we should start seeing taxis hovering over our heads like airplanes.

December 23, 2019

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