5 Tips For Choosing A Computer

At the end of November, I already wrote a little material on this topic. The topic turned out to be in demand, which is why today you will see its expanded version, which will answer an even wider range of questions. At the same time, the essence is the same: your old computer has ceased to suit you. So you have four options:

1. Slightly upgrade your current computer.

2. Buy a ready-made assembly without any extra effort.

3. Buy a laptop, it is convenient, compact and so beautiful.

4. Pull yourself together and, after spending several hours, independently choose the best assembly for yourself.

5. Read my material in 10 minutes and thanking the author in the comments, draw the right conclusions.

1. Computer update

I can name a PC update a replacement for a video card, an increase in the amount of RAM, a drive, and also the purchase of a more efficient processor as part of the socket on your motherboard. If you decide to buy a new motherboard, then this is a more serious step. Let’s get here by points:

  • For games, you will need no more than 16 GB of RAM. Be sure to worry that you have two lines of memory of 8 GB.
  • For games in 1080p, a graphics card for $ 200 is enough.
  • For games in 2K resolution, you need a graphics card from 350 dollars and above.
  • Games in 4K resolution only for majors. We are not interested in this topic.
  • Choose a processor for your tasks. If you are only going to play, stop at Intel products. A $ 250 stone will give you maximum fps. For those who plan to combine games and workloads, there is AMD. The more expensive the processor, the faster it will cope with its work. Alas, this does not work in games. Although the latest generation Ryzen 3000 is able to provide you comfort and excellent gaming performance.
  • Nowadays, you can buy an SSD with a volume of 480-512 GB up to $ 80. Ordinary hard drives are needed exclusively for creating a media archive. If you don’t plan on storing movies, a 480 GB mid-range SSD will suffice.

2. New build.

The main thing is to make sure that you know every detail of your future computer. Often, large chains sell a pig in a poke, citing the fact that the manufacturer did not provide accurate data. In addition, they often report common parameters: 8 GB of RAM, a 6-core processor, a 4 GB video card and so on. Under the guise of such an assembly, they can sell you the cheapest memory, a slow 1st-generation Ryzen processor and a 5-year-old graphics card. And this is not to mention the motherboard, power supply and everything else. Among the positive aspects of the finished assembly are stocked on which you can buy the desired PC cheaper and a general guarantee on all components. Also, do not forget that it is fast and convenient. 

3. The laptop. 

Laptops are comfortable and fairly fast. But do not overestimate them. The gamer model costs $ 1,500. For this amount, you can take the system unit much more powerful, and it will remain on the monitor. Ultrabooks are more expensive, but they are designed exclusively for the weaker sex because they are characterized by slow energy-efficient processors and a beautiful design. For games, be sure to check that the laptop has a modern graphics card. If you’re a fan of retro, buy a laptop on the APU from AMD. They have a powerful integrated video card and a good processor. Remember that Pentium Celeron is slow, cheap processors. Choose them only in critical situations. Also, you should have from 8 GB of RAM and SSD from 256 GB. 

4. Manual assembly. 

This is the most correct way possible. The main thing in this business is to maintain balance. If you come to the store, it is important not to succumb to the entreaties of sellers who dream of “stepping” stale goods to you. If you select components on the Internet, then it is best to read more recommendations, there are reviews on all popular parts. In any case, you can read my collection there you will find more tips on how to choose the right computer.

December 24, 2019

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