Top 4 Hacking Tools For Windows

1. Metasploit

metasploit framework  - hacking tools for windows

One of the best hacking tools for windows is the Metasploit Framework. It uses the Ruby language and generates reliable, easy and quickly exploits.

To use the Framework some Technical skills are required, like the basic knowledge about Ruby and Windows. The Metasploit Framework works like a trojan. It infects the computer and lets the attacker do whatever he or she wants to do. The usage of Metasploit in external networks is strictly prohibited.

Metasploit is also used by companies and the government, among other things, to carry out, for example, penetration tests, and thereby ensure the security of systems.

2. Wireshark

wireshark  - hacking tools for windows

Number two in our list of the best hacking tools for Windows, is Wireshark. With Wireshark, data traffic can be read, recorded and analyzed on different communication interfaces. The software is freely available and can be used for protocol analysis, network monitoring or troubleshooting.

It was originally named Ethereal. The technical possibilities of the software are very diverse. The real facts may be displayed throughout the recording or afterward in the form of character programs with effortlessly readable header information. The statistics are processed using diverse protocol filters. The actual content of the facts packets also can be evaluated. The network sniffer is most customarily used for protocol evaluation on the Ethernet interfaces and in WLAN for community protocols of the TCP / IP family.

3. Nmap

nmap - hacking tools for windows

As a port scanner, Nmap gives a really perfect solution with which the admin can decide which structures are presently active in his network, beneath which operating systems they run and which services are offered. The analysis alternatives are numerous and relying on the scenario on occasion crosses into splendid detail. Nmap stands for Network Mapper.

On the other hand, Nmap also offers hackers and penetration testers an optimal opportunity to get to know the target network in order to discover attack vectors. Nmap, therefore, falls into the “hacking tools” class and should no longer be used without the need.

4. John The Ripper

john the ripper - hacking tools for windows

Cracking credentials continually looks quite easy on TV. Luckily, the fact is different. Password crackers chew their teeth at true passwords, but IT managers need to be acquainted with the equipment for on-line and offline attacks.
John the Ripper is an effective password cracker that runs on approximately 14 different working systems. The tool, that is operated thru a command target, decrypts passwords, PSK and WPA keys and master passwords.
Anyone who uses this system to gain access to third-party PCs and applications is punishable via law.


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