How To Block Who Is Secretly Using Your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the fastest and most popular medium used for Internet connectivity. There are numerous reasons why the Wi-Fi connection on your Android gadget or PC could run very slow. Most are totally guiltless, yet it may be the case that somebody is utilizing it without your authorization. In this article, we’ll demonstrate to you best practices to discover precisely who you’re imparting your Wi-Fi system to, and how to kick any interlopers off it until the end of time.

How To Block Who Is Secretly Using Your Wi-Fi - Wifi SIGN

The primary thing you need to do is ensure you’re associated with the Wi-Fi connectivity you want to monitor. Next, download the system observing application Fing, you can download the recommended one from the link below:

Once you’ve installed the application, launch it, and you will see the name of your system on the home screen, alongside the Refresh and Settings catches. To see every one of the gadgets associated with your Wi-Fi Network, tap Refresh. You will then observe a rundown of gadgets, alongside a marker that lets you know whether it’s a cell phone or PC.

Tap any gadget on your system to raise a rundown of alternatives for associating with that gadget. These incorporate sending pings or Wake on LAN signs, and you can even log when those gadgets connect and disconnect from the system.


In the event that one of the gadgets associated with your system is new or suspicious, you can expel it until the end of time. Fing demonstrates to you the MAC address of every gadget associated with your system (the number will appear in the following format which comprises of numbers and letters: ‘xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx’). Take note of this number.

  • On the PC that is associated with your Wi-Fi router, input your router IP into the browser, then input your router details on the next page.
  • Once signed into your router, locate the Security options (its area fluctuates amongst routers and might be situated under Advanced Settings) 
  • In Security, click MAC Filtering, then Add Device 
  • Enter the MAC address of the gadget you need to boycott in the MAC field, give it a name if there is such an alternative, then hit Apply, Save or OK 
  • While you’re signed into your router, it may likewise be worth changing your Wi-Fi security code/password, seeing as your last one may have been compromised.
January 8, 2020

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