How to Clear Website Cookies Easy and Fast

As we browse the Internet on our favorite browsers, some data is saved from the browsed websites. Such information facilitates browsers to load websites faster and take into account our preferences for precise websites.

Cookies are usually delectable delights, but web cookies can from time to time be much less than delightful. These little documents hide to your laptop so that your browser and web sites can track your browsing periods and save certain beneficial statistics, together with account names and passwords, for later retrieval.

  • Over time, bulk records gathered from web sites may additionally produce conflicts, leading to page rendering troubles in certain web sites.
  • Clearing up domestically stored website facts can help do away with conflicts and fix web page rendering troubles.
  • Although cookies may additionally seem innocent overall, they are able to threaten your privacy if an attacker tries to apply them maliciously.

When Should to Delete Cookies?

You need to delete cookies if you no longer want the laptop to take into account your Internet browsing records. If you’re on a public computer, you have to delete cookies when you have finished browsing so later customers will now not have your information sent to websites after they use the browser.

How Do I Delete Cookies?

How to delete cookies varies from browser to browser. Firefox lets customers delete cookies by going to the Preferences Menu. Once you have got selected “Preferences,” visit the Privacy Tab and pick the “Show Cookie” option. You then have the choice to highlight a selected cookie and delete that cookie or to put off all cookies.

In Safari, the choice to delete cookies is also beneath the Preferences menu choice, but in Safari, the subtab is called “Security.” Again, you may delete character cookies or all cookies, depending on your preference. Internet Explorer also allows you to delete cookies with the aid of going to the Preferences menu, and there is an option inside that menu entitled “Cookies.” You also can set your browser to mechanically delete cookies after a positive quantity of days.

Clear Cookies and Cache from Browsers:

All most important browsers nowadays offer features to clean up surfing data at the click of a button. But if you are experiencing rendering problems with some unique web sites alone, it’s not feasible to clear all of your surfing information.

  • Deleting them may cause higher page loading instances in your browser and consume extra bandwidth.

Website information stored in browsers largely consists of two types:


These reusable statistics saved locally for your computer are collectively referred to as internet cache. Hence, web cache enables to lessen web page loading times by reducing the quantity of information required from the server. If internet cache is deleted for a specific website online, the browser has to download the whole webpage over again, since there are no cached facts to be reused.


Some websites can maintain song of your surfing pastime by means of growing some documents to your local gadget. These files can help preserve the user kingdom across different surfing periods and permit you to resume pastime from where you left off. Such information used to song user hobby is popularly known as web cookies.

Best Tools and Websites that allow to remove Cookies easily and fast:

1. MAXA Cookie Manager:

MAXA Cookie Manager is a small Windows application whose cause is to help you view all cookies that are stored on your computer. Some of the cookies may be dangerous, as they may be capable of accumulating sensitive data approximately your surfing hobby, so it’s far essential to detect and managing cookies

You can take a look at the total quantity of cookies indexed as malicious (they may be made particularly for monitoring your visits, interests, and net surfing statistics), delete them, or forget about the message and manually look into the threats. What’s more, you can view the number of new and energetic cookies, as well as overall deleted and internet bug cookies.

  • A smart gadget is implemented into this tool for supporting your experiment with the detected cookies and discover more facts approximately them.
  • Cookies are highlighted with one-of-a-kind colors: red for web insects or monitoring cookies, yellow for cookies that save a massive quantity of facts, green (they’re now not quite problematic), and grey (they’re whitelisted).

You can take away all cookies or simplest the chosen ones, check out extra statistics about every item (e.G. URL, record location, ID, browser), refresh the cutting-edge list with simply one click, and clean the cache and records for IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and others.

2. WinPatrol:

It is hard to disable cookie support completely to your browser because so many beneficial websites rely upon them. One answer is to keep the simplest of the cookies that you find useful and get rid of the ones you don’t. WinPatrol will show you what cookies are being stored through your net browser and let you evaluate their contents. This lets in you to see where the one’s cookies came from and what statistics are being stored about you.

  • Scotty the Windows Watch Dog loves cookies however he knows some humans don’t.
  • Cookies are small chunks of data that internet sites keep on your laptop to permit the one’s internet sites to apprehend you when you return.
  • Scotty will thankfully devour the cookies you don’t need and eliminate them from your laptop.

1. Managing Cookies:

WinPatrol provides a number of functions to help you control the cookies stored via your internet browser, whether it be Internet Explorer or any of the Mozilla browsers (Mozilla, Netscape, or Firefox).

2. Monitor:

This button allows you to configure how often Scotty tests your web browser for newly introduced cookies. You can set this frequency in mins, and even set it to 0 minutes to disable checking of cookies entirely.

3. View Cookies:

To see the cookies which can be currently being stored through your internet browser, click this button. You may be presented with a list of the cookies on your machine.

3. Chrome Cookies View:

Chrome Cookies View is a freeware device for Windows that allows you to without problems view the cookies of Google Chrome Web browser, and optionally delete man or woman cookies from the Chrome cookies report. ChromeCookiesView is a standalone.exe record that you can without a doubt installed any folder you want and run it, without the need for any setup process.

Before you start to delete cookies, it’s recommended to backup your cookies record, by means of copying it to some other folder in your gadget, so if something is going wrong, you’ll be capable of without difficulty get better your cookies. You can discover the direction of your Chrome cookies record via looking at the identity of the ChromeCookiesView window.

  • In order to delete the person cookies of Chrome from the GUI of ChromeCookiesView, observe the instructions.
  • Run ChromeCookiesView.Exe, and within the major window of ChromeCookiesView, try to discover the cookies you want to delete.


Clearing website cache and cookies from the browser normally solve most web page rendering problems. By deleting web page precise records, you may make sure that surfing a hobby isn’t affected by other web sites. However, it is possible that these problems persist even after clearing website facts.

In that case, you might want to reset your browser and start a new browsing session, but that solution needs to be kept aside as an ultimate measure.


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